My wife and I received a notification from Pomelo about cheap flights to Peru. We jumped on it as soon as possible and within an hour we had booked two round trip flights for $500 a piece. We had never seen prices that low.

Because we found flights that were about $500 cheaper than we were originally expecting, we decided to put together a humanitarian project and do some good while we were there. We sent an email out to an organization called El Hilo Rojo, which is an NGO in Esperanza, Peru that helps educate children that do not have enough money for the school system in Peru. Many of the kids are orphans as well.

We asked what they were most in need of and they responded with a list of common school supplies such as pencils, erasers, markers, notebooks, and backpacks. We then reached out to our community for any type of donations. We had many willing individuals donate money and the supplies requested. It was incredible. We filled two giant 50lb suitcases full of supplies and about 1000 soles worth of money – which goes a long way in Peru. We traveled about 3,865 miles with one hundred pounds of school supplies for this school.



The day that we delivered the supplies was unforgettable. My wife and I have never felt so loved and appreciated in our whole lives. The kids started crying and were so happy that they finally had their very own notebook and pencil. The director of the NGO could not stop thanking us.

After dropping off the supplies we then took the 1000 soles to a store in the area and bought a couple months worth of food for the kids. Many of the kids do not receive breakfast at their home and come to the school hungry and unable to learn. The director of the program said that this was one of the greatest needs that they had.

We purchased about 150 pounds of oatmeal, 72 cans of milk, and other types of food. It was an amazing experience and we will never forget the look in the eyes of the children — they didn’t know how to thank us, but they did more than that with their smiles.

Thank you for allowing us to share our story with you and for helping us find the means to make this story a reality.