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We alert you when airlines occasionally make pricing mistakes. You can potentially save thousands by booking just one of these deals, like the time Chris (Pomelo's founder) flew to Hawaii for $96 round trip. 

Mistake Fares

Often airlines put routes on sale without much fanfare. We find the best sales and alert you before they are gone.

Unadvertised Sales

As airlines compete on prices and routes, fares can spiral downward. Sometimes these sales last a few hours or a few days.  We update you whenever this happens.

Fare Wars


Past Deal: Western US to Norway

$178 Round Trip

Normal Price: $1000+

Meet the Pomelo Team

It all started with a $96 round trip ticket to Hawaii

We've Traveled 40+ Countries Using These Techniques

In 2013, Pomelo Founder Chris Muhlestein inadvertently stumbled on a mistake fare: round trip tickets from his home airport of Salt Lake City to Honolulu, Hawaii for $96 round trip on Delta Airlines. 

Since that exciting discovery, Chris and the Pomelo Team have spent countless hours developing techniques that allowed them to book dozens of trips - to places like Bali, Australia, and Italy – all for under $450 round trip (and sometimes much lower!). We now search for cheap airfare departing from all over the United States, and want to share our love of cheap travel with you. 

Our cheap flight alerts are part of our mission to help you get off the well-worn path, and support rural communities.

"Pomelo Travel is the best!!! They send e-mails that are informative and helpful with the exact information you need on booking your dream vacation! husband and I were able to act fast and book round trip tickets to Oahu for $309 per person!!!! We can't wait to go on our early 5 year anniversary celebration trip and can't thank Pomelo Travel enough for making this dream vacation come true for us!."

Liz B., Pomelo Subscriber

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